Stan Foster Media

Stan Foster Media is an immediate, vertically integrated media company focused primarily on the African American consumer. The company has four principal business platforms; Film, Television, Live Stage Plays and Internet with complimentary adjunct business’ that include, DVD sales, digital downloads, music publishing, soundtrack recordings, book, merchandise and mobile content. Stan Foster Media intends to not only fully service that specific under-served demo, but also to broaden his audience through more mainstream content.

Stan Foster – Writer/Producer

Stan Foster began his versatile career an actor with numerous films and also was one of the stars of the CBS television drama “Tour of Duty” for three award-winning seasons. Foster easily segued behind the camera in striking an overall development deal with Columbia Pictures Television to write, produce, and brand new content. This led to selling and developing sitcom, drama, and reality programming to multiple networks including CBS, FOX, MTV, Comedy Central, USA Networks, UPN, Disney and Discovery Channel. Stan Foster Media, assembled the stage and film adaptations of “Woman Thou Art Loosed” greatly contributing to the wide popularity of that brand. As a feature writer-producer, Foster penned and produced films for Universal, (Hoodrat), 20th Century Fox (Hangman’s Curse) Magnolia (Woman Thou Art Loosed) Lions Gate (Manhood), (Warner Bros.) “Preacher’s Kid”, in addition to Car Wash 2 (Universal) Stan Foster Media currently has an output, acquisition, and distribution deal at Lionsgate Studio